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Let the music speak for itself: Instigator – Riaan Nieuwenhuis

Instigator is the first album of Riaan Nieuwenhuis’ instrumental rock trilogy, and the first of its stature in South Africa. Nieuwenhuis purposefully chose to eliminate vocals from this series to allow the listener to let their mind drift off and formulate their own meanings.
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Só dans die spoke die ewigheid in: Spookpsalms - Piet Botha

Spookpsalms vertel ‘n dieptreffende verhaal van elke oorledene se lewe, die omstandighede wat tot hul dood gelei het asook hoe die wêreld op hul dood gereageer het; en as mens mooi tussen die lyne luister, is dit duidelik watter spook op watter liedjie saamdans… 
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A fresh filter on a snapshot of a bygone era: The Parlor Vinyls

The first few seconds of The Parlor Vinyls’ self-titled debut album doesn’t even reveal a smidge of what to expect for the rest of it.

Imagine a distorted voice pulsating through a phonogram in a Western saloon, accompanied by 21st -century drumming – like the time-traveling lovechild of The White Stripes and Dave Grohl – and you start to get the idea.

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